Which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds?

Your weapon is undoubtedly the most important essential when you go on hunting. Sometimes your prey is closer and smaller in that case you need a good shotgun with the best choke for pheasant. The shotgun chokes add to the shooting performance. So, to make things easier for you we have the answer to which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds? 

A shotgun choke will result in a more accurate and precise shot. It will be facilitating in more penetration with spread density. A good shotgun choke will not only make it easier to hunt closer and smaller birds but will add to a more joyful experience so it shouldn’t be ignored. Each choke is perfect for its type of prey. But to not make you more curious let dive to know which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds? 

Buying guide for the best shotgun chokes: 

Before we get into which type of choke to get for hunting small and closer birds there are some things to keep in mind in order to get the best choke for pheasant hunting.

Knowing the choke patterns: 

A choke tube chart of the pattern should be looked at precisely to see the diameter of the choke because there can be a lot of difference in the result from the difference between choke and bore. It should be tight because the tighter it is further it will go. 

Calculating the size of the choke: 

You can calculate the size of the choke easily by one single step. That step is to check the calculate the diameter of the bore. It is a very important step before you go and buy a choke for the shotgun in order to get the best shot size for quail.

Regulate the pellet percentage: 

To improve the consistent performance, you need to regulate the pellet to the percentage of the choke. Looking at the inside is important because only checking and measuring outside and size is not enough. 

Quality product: 

Another very important thing is to check the quality of the product. It should be made up of quality materials that will also last you a long time and you don’t need to worry about it during hunting. So get the best choke for quail or any type of hunting.


The choke you select should be precise. Because without precision you will end missing the birds and you are going to have to wait a lot more. 

Types of chokes: 

There are different types of chokes for different types of hunting and preys. There is best choke for goose hunting, best choke for dove hunting, best choke for the trap, best choke for skeet shooting, etc. You should need to know about all of them before knowing Which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds: 

Improved cylinder choke: 

The improved cylinder choke can be called the combination of cylinder choke and modified choke. It is said to deliver 50% of the pellet. It is best suitable for closer birds. Close decoys and close birds can easily be shot with this improved cylinder choke tube. And also, to answer one of the most asked questions of what shotgun choke is the most open. It is the ic choke.

Modified choke: 

The modified choke is the best option for a bit distant shooting. Having a range of 35m it is a half construction choke. It can deliver pallets up to 60%. 

Skeet choke: 

it is a very close-range choke which is best suitable for shotguns. The skeet choke can also deliver 50% of the pallet. It doesn’t work well with bigger guns and distant objects. So, it is best for closer objects and is best shotgun choke sizes option and best shotgun choke patterns.

Cylinder choke: 

This type of choke can deliver 40% of the pallet. The cylinder bore choke is without construction and is best suitable for shotguns rather than rifles or hunting guns. 

The full choke: 

With a range of 45-50 meters, this type of choke is best suitable for long-range and distant shooting. All types of waterfowl, decoys, and birds can be shot easily with the help of the full choke. 

Rifled choke: 

As the name suggests the rifled choke has the densest patterns with very tight construction. It is best suitable for hunting turkeys or any other medium or bigger birds.

All these chokes are further classified into three more types based on changes. 

Adjustable chokes: 

These chokes can be easily adjusted in the field. They can change the exit diameter. It is a very practical type of choke. Which is best suitable for every type of hunting due to easy adjustments. 

Fixed chokes: 

These types of chokes as the name says are fixed chokes that are permanent and cannot be changed when installed. To change it you have to go to a gunsmith. 

Interchangeable chokes: 

The interchangeable chokes can easily be changed with the one that has a different diameter. They are also very practical and are easy to change. There are two types of interchangeable locks. The first one is screw-in which is attached internally to the barrel and the other one is screw-on which is attached externally. 

Use of a shotgun choke: 

the shotgun choke is used to make your shot more accurate and perfect. It shapes the bullet after your shot and pulls the trigger. It is best for small preys because they require the accuracy and precision of the shot. Chokes come in different sizes and features for different types of prey. So, you have to choose carefully.  

Which Two Shotgun Chokes Are Best for Hunting Small, Fast, Close Birds? 

now you will get the answer to why you are here which is which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, and close birds. 

The answer to which two best shotgun chokes are best for hunting is improved cylinder chokes and modified shotgun chokes. 

Modified choke: 

if you want a moderate compression with an accurate and good amount of spreading then a modified choke is the best option available for you. It can easily cover distances of 30 to 40 yards. This type of the choke is also known as a medium distance choke. 

Modified chokes can deliver a pallet of 60% with a range of 40 yards. It has a construction size of 0.02 inches. A modified choke has notches on its rims. Its pallet is 10% more than that of an improved cylinder shotgun choke. The bullet will penetrate instantly and is best suitable for a bit bigger bird. 

Best modified choke: Carlsons Winchester modified choke:

It is a very high-quality choke tube for shotguns. It can easily cover a distance of 30 to 40 yards. Due to it being modified choke it will best serve for bigger birds. It also has notches on its rims. It comes at a very affordable price and is worth buying. So go and get one for yourself.

Improved cylinder choke: 

The improved cylinder choke will spread quickly of short pattern with more firepower when shot on close-ranged objects. Its construction size is half of the modified choke at 0.01 inches. The bullet from the improved cylinder choke will not seriously hurt the prey.  

Just like the modified choke the improved cylinder choke also has notches on its rims. It has four notches on its rims. So, by seeing that you can make sure that it is an improved cylinder cycle. It is best suitable with a shotgun and it will provide a more accurate and precise shot. It can deliver 50% of the pallet. 

Best improved cylinder choke: Carlsons Remington improved cylinder choke:

It is one of the best-improved cylinders choke out there that will add to the accuracy and precision of the shot like no other choke in the market. The Carlsons Remington improved cylinder choke has a Triple Shot Technology (TST) which reduces pallet deformation. It is made up of stainless steel.

Installation of a shotgun choke: 

Installation of choke is not a very complicated procedure but to give all the insight and information to our user under a single page we will discuss that too. 

  • The first step is to clean the choke tube 
  • Next time is to oil the thread so that the tube can easily be inserted into the gun without getting stuck 
  • Then you have to tighten the tube use your hand and to make it tighter use a wrench 

This is a simple and short way to install the choke to the shotgun. Now go out there and enjoy your hunting experience 


What is a choke on a shotgun?

The choke on a shotgun shapes the bullet after being fired to make it perfect. It increases the accuracy of the shot.

What is a skeet choke?

Skeet choke is a type of choke which is perfect for close-range shots. It can deliver 50% of the pallets. The choke for skeet should be of high quality. There is also a very common question of what choke to use for skeet? So, it should be compatible with a shotgun.

What is the purpose of a choke on a shotgun?

The purpose of a choke on a shotgun is to give a perfect shot and decreases the chances of missing.

Which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting?

The two best shotgun chokes for hunting are modified choke and improved cylinder choke.

Which is the best all-around choke for sporting clays

An improved cylinder choke tube is the best type of choke for sporting clays.


A good shotgun choke shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored because it plays a key role in your hunting. It can help in more accurate and precise shots. So, it is a must-have. 

So, we hope now you know the answer to Which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds? And can now choose easily. But if you still have any questions or recommendations, feel free to leave a comment.

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