Nike court vision vs air force 1

nike court vision vs air force 1

White sneakers are essential these days. You can wear them with anything and go from casual to formal with no further effort. Looking at the current trends the Nike air force 1 are a hot sneaker in the market. With its attractive look and being a bestseller, they are the majority of the time sold out. So, there is another alternative to it which are the Nike court vision. So, in this article, we will be covering the Nike court vision vs air force 1.

These sneakers are a style staple nowadays. But with the less availability of AF 1 we will be giving you an alternative option that is very similar to it and also tells you the differences between both of them. This will make your sneaker shopping very easy and you will end up buying the best option that you desire between the Nike court vision vs air force 1

All the important differences with the advantages of each will be given to make things clearer for you. So, let’s get right into it.

Nike Air force 1

nike court vision vs air force 1

From being in the market since 1982 to now they have always been the top-of-the-line sneakers. From wearing to school to wearing on dinner they pretty much go with everything. Nowadays they are a favourite among teens and have become a symbol of fashion. You can find them in any sneaker store. It is made with leather material on the upper side of it. Top-quality leather is used on it. Three Baltimore businesses came to Nike and planned to make this sneaker. They are so popular that you can see them on the feet of every other student in your high school. We can go on and on about the Nike air force 1 and its popularity. But now let’s look at the other option.

Nike court vision

nike court vision vs air force 1

The 80’s basketball staple the Nike court vision. They are also around a very long time and gained popularity through basketball inspiration.  made quite similar to the Nike air force 1 with top quality leather and the same design. The Nike low court vision however is a bit cheap option as compared to the Nike air force 1. the Nike court vision low on feet can also go with pretty much anything and everything. The padded collar also makes the court force Nike more comfortable and easier to wear. From being the basketball-inspired sneakers to a style icon they have gone well. The Nike court air force ones are quite similar and get better with age but if you look closely at the Nike court vision vs air force 1 you will find the differences. So, let’s go through that to make your selection easy.

Nike court vision vs Air force 1

Nike court visionNike air force 1
TongueThe tongue of the Nike court vision is smallerThe tongue of the Nike air force 1 is larger
Colour optionsNike court vision comes in a variety of coloursThe Nike air force 1 also comes in a variety of colours
logoThere is only a Nike logo on the sideAlong with the Nike logo, there is also an AF logo on the side of the sole as well as a lace tag
Ankle lengthThe Nike court vision rises below the ankleThe Nike AF 1 rises above the ankle
priceIt is cheaper than AF and is priced around $60-70It is a bit more expensive with a price tag of $90
Midsole sizeThe midsole size of the Nike court vision is thinThe midsole size of the Nike air force 1 is wide
MaterialThe Nike court vision uses high-quality leatherThe Nike air force 1 also uses high-quality leather
inventedIt was named in the court vision in 2014The Nike air force 1 came in 1982
PopularityThe Nike court vision is less popular than Nike AF1The Nike AF1 is a more popular option as compared to the Nike Court vision

So, there you have the difference between the Nike AF1 and the Nike court vision. Now it is up to you to choose the one. If you want to spend less then go for the Nike court vision but if you want the popular sneaker then go for the Nike all court lows. Both of these white Nike low tops are quite similar in style as well as features like comfort and wearability. If you are looking to buy the AF1 then just go for the AF1 because both of them can be identified by looking closely but if you are just looking for a good white sneaker then court vision is also an option. And don’t think because of the price the Nike low court shoes are not quality made and the Nike court vision on feet feels premium.

FAQs about Nike court vision vs air force 1

Do Nike air forces run big?

Yes, the Nike air force 1 run big due to the extra toe room, they run bigger in size. So, keep this thing in mind while buying the Nike Air force 1.

How to lace Nike court vision?

The lacing process is very simple; they are laced just like any other sneakers. Follow the step-by-step procedure of lacing any sneaker to get what you want. To see it visually YouTube a video that will make things easier.

Where to buy the Nike Air Force 1?

Due to its popularity, you can find and buy the Nike Air Force 1 anywhere easily. But if you don’t want to step outside and buy the pair online. We recommend you try amazon. The link is provided below.

Click here for link.

Air force ones vs court vision?

This entirely depends on your personal preference and choice to buy the one that you desire more.


So that was Nike court vision vs Nike Air Force 1. Both of these sneakers have huge popularity among teenagers as well as adults all around the globe and are serving their purpose very well.

After all this information, it is now up to you to choose which your heart desires. We hope you find this article helpful.

Leave a comment to let us know which one are you choosing.